Skylar Atwell
Hello there you beautiful people. I'm Skylar, very pleased too meet ya! If you notice I blog my feelings to vent. I want to find someone who is like Romeo. I love anime, and mystical and unique things. I love dancing, singing, and acting. Thank you for coming to my blog <3
Breathe for me and my sake love.
She asked me why I never said anything



When I was very young, I would sit close to the TV, I’d read books right up against my face, and I’d squint to see things. I didn’t prefer my world to be blurry, but that’s how it was. My mother would yell at me “Sit back! Stop squinting!” I would…


when you’re doing school work and someone asks you what the answer is


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Even the cool kids don’t fit in.

He left me

I cheated, I left him. I knew cheating was wrong so I left, could live myself and now here I am thinking about how he is calling another girl “baby” and is telling her how much he loves her. While I’m sitting here drinking and self harming. I’m an idiot and yes he deserves better, but I also left because he was abusive. Love, my drear friends is a cruel and unusual punishment